Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Since today is Valentines Day I want to say THANK YOU to Dominic for being such an amazing husband! I don't think I'm easy to love and I tell him that all the time. Of course he doesn't agree with me and just keeps loving me. But no matter what I do or what I throw at him he always adjusts. He has never thought about walking away no matter how crazy things get. We have had some rough times, not in our relationship just in life, and he has ALWAYS stuck by me.

The past 18 years have been great and I'm looking forward to the next 18 with him. This new journey we are about to embark on is scary but I know that as long as I'm with him everything will be ok. It always has!

I know I ask a lot of him, especially now venturing into this new lifestyle. I know that I'm asking him to be something that is totally different than what we are used to, but being the amazing husband that he is, he has listened to me, embraced it and is working hard to make this work, for me!!!! (I really think he's enjoying it too!!)  I'm still not sure what I did to deserve someone so good to me.

Throughout our entire relationship we have NEVER had to work at it, it has always just worked! I know he's nervous about this journey (and so am I for that matter) and feels that now we are going to have to work at our relationship. What if it doesn't work?? Will we be able to go back to the way it was?? I have no idea but I really just can't see this NOT working! We are both so open and honest with each other and communicate very well, I just think that we will be able to fall right into this and live happily ever after! Am I crazy?

I sooooo appreciate him and love that, not only he loves me but he shows me how much he loves me. I truly am his princess! As long as we are going through this together we will be ok.

Happy Valentines Day to you all! I hope you enjoy your day/night and spend it with the one that you love!

Subrina <3

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  1. Awwwww what a sweet post:)

    Happy Valentines day to yall as well....hope yall had a wonderful evening!