Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Well it's still pretty new to him...my requests, wants, needs and desires. I'm sure it's probably thrown him off a little bit but I don't think I'm asking for toooooo much. He has agreed to try but when? When are things going to change? Do I really want them to change? Will the change be for the better?

He's not a homework kinda guy but I thought since he agreed to this change that he would do some homework. At least do some basic research, look some stuff up. As far as I know he has done nothing and nothing has changed. We were supposed to go on a "date" and we were gonna talk about this change, that never happened either. In all fairness to him, it wasn't his fault. He had it planned but things came up with the kids and we just couldn't make it happen. :/

Right now I have no answers to any of these questions but I can tell you that our sex life has changed! He has totally stepped up his game!!! I don't know where it's coming from, hell maybe he is doing some homework.....whatever its AMAZING!

He has made our own flogger, he is starting to take more control over me, tie me up and spank me. He is still afraid to spank me or use the flogger on me too much, he is sooo afraid he's gonna hurt me. I keep telling him that I will let him know when it's too much. I want him to push me and see how much I can take. I'm not a big fan of pain...ok well let's be honest...I HATE PAIN and am a HUGE baby when it comes to pain. BUT...pain during sex is HOT!!!! :p

Well, I guess I'm just going to have to keep it in his mind and let him know this is what I want. Maybe we should start out a little more slow, maybe just in the bedroom....hmmmm, yeah let's see how that goes!

Stay tuned!

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  1. hey you know, i think a lot of us started out in the bedroom. it's less scary for them, and helps them to see how much fun D/s can be.

    plus it's a "safe" place for them to start making demands and letting them see that we want to please them.