Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Date Night

Being that we have no idea about this D/s lifestyle or know anyone that is in it, I have been doing some research! I wasn't sure how to go about starting this journey or how to talk about this with Him. I have found some great blogs from Doms and Subs with a wealth of information. I have read so much but it's all so overwhelming. I have so many questions and concerns and I didn't know where to turn. Well I decided to reach out to a couple of these blogs and see what they had to offer....let me just tell you, I was absoutely thrilled with our conversations.

I was reading a couple of blogs and really liked what they had to say. I liked their way of thinking and their appraoch to this lifestyle. I liked how they seem to handle themselves and their subs. I sent them an email and wasn't to sure what to expect after hitting send. I was nervous and a little afriad they wouldn't answer. Then I was nervous and afriad, what if they did answer?

My email to them basically explained that Him and I were starting this journey and if they had any advice for us. I was concerned because although I don't know much about this lifestyle I have read some books, blogs and have done some research. He has done NOTHING and just knows what I have briefly told Him, which isn't much. So I really had no idea how to go about bringing this up and what to say or where to go from here. I was pleasantly surprised they both answered me and within a day or so AND with some great adivce!

Dauntless was pretty upfront and explained that since we have been married for so long that there could be some hurdles along the way. He gave me some pros and cons and things that he thought might work or not work. He suggested that we take it slow, there is no rush and maybe just start in the bedroom. He reassured me that this could work as long as this is something we both want or are willing to try. That was HUGE for me! I didn't want Him to think I was crazy or to look at me any differently and after reading what he had to say, it definately gave me a lot more confidence to go ahead with this.

Sir J was pretty much the same but a little more blunt! He asked some tough questions that I had a hard time answering. He didn't really hold anything back, which I liked! He gave me a TON to think about came up with this "list" idea. I absoutely LOVED this idea and sent it to my hubby. I explained how it worked and what he needed to do and he was totally on board with it.

The list is something that we both have to do...we have to write 10 things that we would like to get out of this "switch" or this D/s lifestyle. What a great idea! So tonight hubby and I have a date, we're going to dinner and we are going to exchange "lists" and talk about it. I am soooo nervous and excited and scared!

Wish me luch and I'll let you know how our date goes! Thank you Dauntless and Sir J for the great advice and I'm sure this wont be the last you hear from me. You both have been absoutely AMAZING!!!!! Thanks agian!

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