Monday, November 11, 2013


I know most of you are aware of my texting rule. I am supposed to text Mr. D everyday (mon-thur) at 11:30. I have my alarm set for this so I don't forget. Sometimes I get into a jam with this rule because I drive for a living. At this time of the day I am always driving so it can be challenging.

Today Mr. D had to work but I didn't, well I didn't have to drive. I did go into work for a few hours but I wasn't driving. I was in the office talking to the HR manager when my 11:30 alarm went off. I hit the red X on my phone and went on about my conversation.

I will text him as soon as she stops talking! I don't want to be rude and text while she is talking

We finish our conversation and I go on about my business. I finish up what I was doing and head home. I can't wait to get home and take a nap, I am sooooo tired. I don't know why but I am. I get home and see that it's almost 1:00....Mr. D will be calling me pretty my nap will have to wait!

My phone rings at 1:00.

"Hey baby, watcha doin?"

"Nothing, just got home from work and going to take a nap"

"OH OK, go ahead and take a nap, we'll talk when I get home."

hhhhmmmm we'll talk when he gets home? Why? What's wrong with him? Why is he cutting the call short? He never does that. And what's with the tone in his voice?

"Baby what's everything ok?"

"Yea it's fine.....We'll talk when I get home"

Not I'll talk to you when I get home.....WE'LL talk when I get home. There's a difference!

"Are you sure everything is ok?'

"Check your text messages at 11:30, what do you see?"

"We'll talk when I get home! Bye, I love you"

"OOPSIE" *giggles*

"But today is a holiday baby. I didn't have to work. I thought it was only regular days?"

"It's Mon - Thur, you know that. We'll talk when I get home"

Let's see what happens when he gets home. Here I have been complaining that I want him to stick to his guns and do what he says he's going to do. hhhmmmmmm Not so much! Now I'm kinda hopin he forgets or doesn't follow through, well my ass is hopin!

Go ahead and say it.....go on. I know, you're right!

Watch what you wish for cuz you just might get it!

Oh could I be so stupid? UGH!

Subrina <3


  1. I'm tempted to say sorry, but for some reason I have this huge smile on my face and saying sorry just doesn't seem right...

    How about I give you a hug instead?

  2. The ancient dilemma, I always do it too, wishing he forgets AND follows through. How is that for making sense....:)

    1. OMG Julia.....the dilemma is horrible! I am soooo torn!

      Unfortunately it made perfect sense to me! HAHA

  3. Honestly, Mr. D, lay into her ass! She needs it. Don't let her fool you or talk you out of it. She KNOWS she needs this and if she talks you out of it no progress forward will occur. Subrina hugs, DO NOT TALK HIM OUT OF IT. Own up to it. Remember our conversation this weekend. Now, next pist should be how much better you fell and you ate so glad you SUBMITTED, didn't try and whine to get out of it, and feel so much better!

    1. OMG HS....when I read this I actually L'dMAO!!!

  4. I HATE auto correct!!

  5. I laughed yesterday when i first read this, but got interrupted halfway through writing my comment and couldn't post it (rotten kids). This is so me, and i've been there so many times (even before TTWD). i hate having Him upset at me or waiting for the outcome of something that i know i did wrong. Now that we are in this lifestyle, it usually involves a punishment. HS is completely right.

    1. Hi Scarlet!

      Thank you so much for commenting! I'm glad that I could make you laugh. UGH I hate when I screw up. I'm pretty good about this rule. I almost never break it. He said that 11:30 rolled around and he didn't get a text. He said out loud...."ooohhh she's gonna get it!" And the guys at work were like what are you talking about it. He just kind of chuckled and said oh nothing!! LOL

      Subrina <3