Tuesday, November 12, 2013

UH OH Results

If you read the post before this you know that I missed my 11:30 text. Mr. D did not miss that I missed it. He called me on his lunch and let me know he was fully aware of the missed text.

Oh man.....I'm in trouble!

I was really conflicted on how I felt about it.

On one hand I was so excited that he noticed and was calling me out on it. He was being the HOH that I have been asking for. He was sticking to his guns. He was acting like he was going to follow through with this. He seemed like he had full intentions on spanking me.

On the other hand I was hoping that he would forget. OK actually my ass was hoping he would forget and just give in to me. If he was serious and had intentions of following through with this, that meant I was getting spanked.

I was so torn about trying to get out of this. I so wanted to put on my pouty face, bat my eyes at him, and raise up my halo. I knew I could talk him out of this and would get my way. I got this! But then this voice in my head was screaming shut up! You wanted this, you asked for this......own up to it and take what you got coming to you.

Mr. D came home and I was asleep.......remember my nap!! He let me sleep and went about doing what he does. He was cooking dinner when I finally woke up. I went to the kitchen to say hi and see if he needed help. We finished cooking and then ate dinner. Neither one of us brought up the elephant in the room.

Dinner was over and I went back to our bedroom. I was still tired from my nap and laid down on the bed. I grabbed my phone and was reading my emails. When he comes in the door I was reading the comments from some of you on my UH OH post. I was laughing out loud (thank you Misty and HS!!) and Mr. D comes in the room and grins at me. He sits down on the bed. I immediately go to him and want to lay with him, on his chest.

He's not buying it!

"Are you ready?"

I don't know why, but I felt this was the time to show him one of the comments that said
"Honestly, Mr. D, lay into her ass! She needs it. Don't let her fool you or talk you out of it."

He didn't read beyond those words. He smiled and handed me my phone back. Got up off the bed and asked again if I was ready.

Do I play stupid? Do I try and talk my way out of this? Can I try and be cute?

"You now you missed your text today and you know what that means?"

*as cute as I can be* "I love you baby!"

*chuckling* "I love you too. Now come over here and kneel over the bed"

"But baby I love you" *he knows exactly what I'm doing*

"Subrina....get over here now"

The whole time this is going on I am giggling and he is really trying to hide his smile. We are both kind of laughing but trying to get through it. It is still very awkward for both of us. But he seems to be sticking to it.

I him and hah about it, telling him I don't want to do this.

"Subrina....now!" and he points to the floor by the bed

I kind of roll around the bed and finally get on the floor.

He says he's going to give me 2 spankings because I missed my text today. I was shaking my head and telling him no, I didn't want to do this.

Two? That's it? WOW I'm getting off easy....SWEET!

He put his hand on my back and then...............



I just kind of sat there for a few seconds and then crawled up the bed. He laid down next to me and I laid on his chest. He held me and asked if I was ok.

I was ok.

I was more than ok.

I know I said this the last time but it still baffles me. I feel completely at peace. I feel so much closer to him. I feel so calm and so.....um.....just......peaceful. I don't know how to explain it.

I have read from some of you that when you get a spanking it's like a reset. I never understood what it meant. I could never wrap my brain around it.

Until now!

I get it! I understand it! I get bratty, disrespectful, trying to do things my own way, trying to top from the bottom. And then he steps up and takes care of things, of me.

Now I have been "reset" and I can't tell you how strange, peaceful, and calm I feel. Not to mention how much closer or more connected I feel to him. After it happened, I just laid in his arms, listening to him talk. Not really understanding what he was saying, but just listening to him. I felt like I was floating. I have this tingling feeling all over. I felt like I was drunk!

Can TTWD really be this good? Is it possible to keep getting better? Is it possible to keep feeling closer to him? Just when I think he's not stepping up or being what I want him to be.....he totally throws me a curve ball. I guess if I just learn some patience, let him lead and do this on his time......I will always have this feeling. I may not be getting what I want when I want it......but I am getting what I need when I need it!

Subrina <3


  1. Hallelujah!!! So proud of you!! So proud of Him!! Now, let this continue,, let Him led, have Him follow through and that sub frenzy will subside. Yes, it is possible to get closer.

    For the record, I bet many of us, in our own ways, try and talk our way out of punishment spankings, even though we know we want it. It's that initial, "oh my gosh, I did wrong, I feel so disappointed, I really don't want it", but once it starts, the feeling of purging it all is wonderful. Plus, the time spent after its awesome.

    Proud of you. Slowly, you are getting on track.

    1. Thank you HS.....that means a lot to me! I am proud of him too. Sub frenzy SUCKS!

      Thank you for telling me I'm not alone in trying to get out of the punishment. That made me feel so much better.

      Sssssllllloooooowwwwwwwllllllyyyyyy...but we'll get there!

      Subrina <3

  2. Yay for both of you! Great follow through. It's ok to laugh and giggle when you try something new because it's a little awkward. i know i've done it plenty. M is not available to spank me so he comes up with creative punishments (be glad for your spankings). And as much as i hate them, i feel so renewed when they are over.

    1. WOW Scarlet.....is this 3 comments in one day???? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I hope this becomes a habit!

      It was awkward and my instincts were to fight him tooth and nail. It wasn't that I didn't want it....but logic (and society) was telling me not to let It happen. You are so right.....I hate it but wow the feeling after is indescribable.

  3. So glad you are getting what you need. :-) Love the playfulness. Hugs, Terpsichore

    1. Hi Terps!

      Thanks for the comment. It's really strange....but I think this is exactly what I need. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it.

  4. This is the beauty of the power exchange of any kind. Good for both of you.

    1. Thank you David for commenting and the support. It really is amazing!

  5. Ah yes, want versus need, it's always an unequal balance I find.
    A spanking *is* totally like a reset, both in mind and body, it calms the inner negativity.

    Love your blog btw :)

    Flip x

    1. Hi Flip!

      I don't think you've ever commented before.....but I'm so happy that you did!

      The want vs need is a very fine line, but yes, definitely unequal balance. It truly is a reset....and one I had no idea about. It is very hard to put into words (well for me it is) what I was feeling after. For those of you that spank, I know you totally get it.

      Thank you for the kind words. I'm so glad that you "love my blog"

      I'm looking forward to more of your comments!! You've started something here!!!! LOL

  6. No I'm not giving in anymore !!!! U need to larn that I'm sticking to my guns n we'r just getting started !!!!

    1. Hi Mr. D!

      YIKES! Looks like he found his Dom card!

      I love you Mr. D!!!

  7. Mr. D. you rock!

    1. Stop encouraging him HS!!!!


      But he is pretty amazing! <3