Sunday, October 27, 2013

A New Toy

We have quite a collection in our "toy box". Usually when we get a new toy we go together and pick it out. We will have an idea of what we want when we go, but we almost always pick it out together.

Yesterday I had to take a trip to San Diego for work. So I called Mr. D during my drive so we could talk. Not about anything specific, just to talk! I asked him what he was doing, he said he was going to the store. I asked him what he was getting and he said just picking up something.

hhhmmmm OK.....he's probably at the "toy" store.

I get home from work and we are cuddling on the bed. He starts kissing me and rubbing my back.

"I bought you something today"

"You did, what did you buy me"

"It's a surprise, I'll show you later tonight"

Since I think he went to the "toy" store and he bought me something.....I'm getting excited! I kind of have a feeling I know what it is. We have talked about them but I have always been a little apprehensive about getting one. And since we just tried to do it last weekend I ASSumed it was a buttplug. pun intended!

We went out to dinner with him mom. Came home had a few drinks after dinner. I was doing stuff on the computer. Finally the kids are asleep, or at least in their rooms. Mr. D comes in our room and sits next to me on the bed. He asks what I'm doing, I tell him reading blogs! HAHA you guys are never very far away!! I shared some of the things I was reading. I could tell he was getting antsy and like he had something to tell me. But I go on about my business.

He finally says I want to show you what I got you today. I told him I thought I knew what it was. He said, no you don't know. So I tell him to show me. He goes to the door and locks it. (yes we finally got a lock on our door!!) When the door is locked I know what's about to happen.

He gets the "toy box" out of the closet. Gets the key to unlock the lock and turns around and grins at me. He is holding my new toy!! I couldn't believe what I was looking at. I am beyond excited now for the door being locked, but a little nervous too.

This is my new toy and in my favorite color!!!!
I have heard about the "wand". I have heard how intense it can be. So now I am excited but nervous too. Am I going to be able to handle the intensity of it? Well, I guess I'm about to find out!! He tells me to get my cloths off and lay on the bed. I do what he says but the anxiety is taking over. I am giddy with excitement.
He starts playing with me, rubbing me all over, kissing me and telling me that he can't wait to use my new toy on me. He has that low throaty sexy growl when he talks to me. Gawd I love that sound. I especially love it when he's close to my ear. Oh Sweet Jesus!
And then I hear it.
He tells me it has 10 different speeds and he's going to use all of them.
He touched my clit with the wand and I almost jumped off the bed. I pushed his hands away. He smacked my ass and told me to keep my hands away. I was begging him to stop. It was so intense. I can't describe the feeling, but it was amazing. The "wand" along with his hands and his low sexy voice in my ear calling me his whore and slut. It was beyond anything I could handle. But that didn't stop him. I was crawling up the bed to get away from him but of course, he wasn't having it. He smacked my ass.
"Where are you going, get back over here"
smack  "Don't move again"
"OH MY GAWD pleeeeeeeease"
I can't even think straight. He is relentless with that thing. He just keeps coming at me with it. And then he puts another toy in me. I don't know how much more I can take. I am a quivering mess. He moves the dildo slowly and never letting up on my clit with the wand. He changes speeds and moves it around. I am beyond hot and completely lost.
Low, throaty, deep growl "That's a good lil can take it"
"Oh please Sir....pleeeeeease"
Low, throaty, deep growl "Please what? Please stop? Please harder? What do you want you lil slut"
I'm not sure what I want. I can't even process information. I can't form any kind of sentence except "please Sir" and "oh my gawd". I just know that what he's doing to me is beyond anything I have ever experienced.
He keeps up his relentless assault and I can't take it anymore. He knows I'm getting close and he pushes me. He does what he wants and takes what he wants.
Low, throaty, deep growl "Cum, I want you to cum you lil whore, give it up to me, give it all to me"
And that was my undoing. I completely lost it. That one little sentence can push me right over the edge, and he knows it. It was one of the hottest nights we've ever had.
Needless to say I love love love my new toy. If you don't have one of these little gems, you need to get one! is beyond words!
Subrina <3


  1. Oh my Subrina, It's getting hot in here :) OK, definitely sounds as though I'm gonna have to check it out! LoL.


    1. Roz I promise you will NOT be disappointed. That thing is beyond words! And when you get one you will have to let me know how it worked out for you!

      Subrina <3

  2. Replies
    1. I'm telling you will LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Make sure you let me know how you liked it!

      Subrina <3

  3. by the end of this I had to relieve myself. .. that was beyond hot. I'm debating if to add this to my Christmas wish list.

    1. YES! I'm soooooo glad that you found this hot and needed some relief! HS there is no NEED to get one of these!! I swear you will thank me! Tell the bully this is top on your Christmas list!!!!

      Subrina <3

  4. I love our wand - a good addition to the toy box isn't it? A must have :-)

  5. DF,

    It's an amazing little thing and I never thought I could love something so much and yet be so intimidated by it!

    It is definitely a must have!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Subrina <3

  6. Love the new toy I got her but I need to get the attachments.

    Love you