Friday, March 8, 2013

Bandwagon Jumper

Being new to this scene and blogging I have learned a lot! I have also "met" some new friends. I have gotten some great advice, suggestions and comments. This community is AMAZING, so friendly, so helpful and so willing to reach out to others. Thank guys ROCK!

OK, so for the reading other blogs I have learned that March is Q&A month. So I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and participate in this as well.

Feel free to ask me anything.....I'm not shy! You can leave a comment or email...whatever. I will answer you as soon as I can. If you want to ask Dominic a question....feel free. I will ask him and he can answer! Let the questions begin!!!!

Subrina <3


  1. Hi Subrina!! :)

    Okay so question time!! :)

    Bucket lists.....they are fun aren't they? to put a list together of things you "one day" want to do! So what about a kinky bucket list? Do you have one and if so, have you shared it with D?


    1. Thank you Belle for stopping by!! Bucket lists are fun but I don't have one, not even a Kinky one! LOL But now that you mentioned it I am going to have to work on it. Because we are so new at this and I'm "trying" to be patient and take this at his pace, I'm gonna save any new kink for a little later. I'm really trying to let him lead and wherever he takes us, that's where I'll far I am NOT disappointed!!!! He has been absoutely AMAZING!!!